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Dun - Eros ( 1985 )

"Eros" is an incredible album, and ranks as some of the best prog to come out of France. DÜN's brand of prog is complex, aggressive, and fast of ideas. It owes plenty to Zeuhl, but listeners will find tons of ZAPPA, Indonesian gamelan, and fusion-jazz influences. The CD consists of four 10-minute epics from the original album, and 4 bonus tracks (3 of which are early live versions of album tracks). Some of the featured instruments include flutes, vibraphones, and synths. But, like most Zeuhl music, the bass and drums play a very dominant role. The guitarist even adds a fusion sound to the compositions that is rather unique. Overall, "Eros" ranks right up there with ESKATON's "4 Vision". Review from

Consisting of only four tracks Dun's ' Eros' is another excellent zeuhl styled album, but also has a heavy dose of RIO mixed in there.

Hailing from France, this was Dun's one and only release. Mores the pity really.

Based on writer Frank Herberts Dune , Arrakis kicks of the album which starts simply, meanders somewhat before exploding into chaos which recalls the battle for Arrakis. All of this ,(as is the entire album) is excellently played with much dexterity in the bass , percussion, guitar, departments. There's also some really nice xylophone and flute playing.

Another highly recommended zeuhl syled album. Probably will appeal more to those who like there zeuhl with myriads of complexities and more RIO styled.

The bonus tracks are alternative versions.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. L'Epice (9:25)
2. Arrakis (9:36)
3. Bitonio (7:09)
4. Eros (10:17)
5. Bitonio (alternate) (10:20)
6. Arrakis (alternate) (5:07)
7. Eros (alternate) (7:11)
8. Acoustic Fremen (unreleased) (6:17
Total Time: 65:22

/ Musicians - Laurent Bertaud / drums
- Jean Geeraerts / electric guitar, acoustic guitar
- Bruno Sabathe / piano, synthesizers
- Alain Termol / percussions
- Thierry Tranchant / bass
- Pascal Vandenbulcke / flutes

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