Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Peter Frohmader - 3rd Milleniums Choice ( 1990 )

Another highly experimental dark and dense work from PF . Highly synthesized / sampled, and similar in many ways to Homunculus II, although this is much more heavier in parts.

Take Saturn Symphony for instance. Serpentine twists and turns with throbbing bass, pounding timpani and screaming twisted strings, all set the stage for a devastingly powerfull aural experience. Theres some great ambient moments too with otherworldly voice / poetry. Superb for the most part as we get some full on Zeuhl attahk as only Frohmader knows how.

Hyperion features choppy Piano / Strings and more marching madness. Reminds me a little in part of some Art Zoyd.

Eisenkraut features eerie violin and takes us to another dimension with a very strange atmosphere! An OUTATANDINGLY BRILLIANT dark creative experimental ambient work here.

Pharao ends the album perfectly with massed voices and cacophonous blasts.

To sum up. Another obscure little gem of an album. Definitely one of Frohmaders best. Wickedly intense and not to be missed!!!

Track Listing:
1 Saturn Symphony (24.50 )
2 Hyperion ( 8.23 )
3 Eisenkraut ( 11.59 }
4 Pharao ( 14.08 )

Lne Up:
Peter Frohmader - Sythesizer, electronics, bass
Stephan Manus - Violin ( on Eisenkraut )

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