Monday, 20 July 2009

Flasket Brinner ( 1971 )

Those into swedish progressive/folk/psychedelic rock should find much to enjoy here, on Flasket Brinners debut album which grabs ones attention right from the start. Don't let the obscurity of this album ( which it certanly is ) put you off, as this is an excellent work.

Part live and part studio recordings are blended together nicely. There's an amazing array of styles on dispaly with that typical Swedish sound being very prominent.

Having ties with Bo Hanson you can imagine what to expect really as the music is not too different to his own.except this is more experimental. Hansson even plays on one song "Bosse" himself, which for me is the highlight of the album, being a great jam of a track. Incidentally there's also an excerpt from Hansons "Lord of The rings" on " Tysta Finskan".

A fine album then with a good recording to boot.

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Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Gånglåten (6:51)
2. Tysta Finskan (14:02)
3. Gunnars Dilemma (2:10)
4. Bengans Vals (0:59)
5. Bosses Låt (5:46)
6. Räva (1:34)
7. Uppsala Gård (2:39)
8. Musik Från Liljevalchs (6:40)

Line-up / Musicians - Bengt Dahlèn / Guitar, Violin, Vocals

- Gunnar Bergsten / Saxophone
- Sten Bergman / Organ, Flute
- Per Bruun / Bass
- Erik Dahlbäck / Drums

Guest musicians:

- Ove Gustavsson / Bass (4,7)
- Bosse Hansson / Organ (4), Cowbell (1,2)

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