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Robert Schroeder - Mindwalk (2008)

The German Electronics artist Robert Schroeder (discovered 1978 by EM pioneer Klaus Schulze) has produced numerous excellent solo CDs as well as his success album Double Fantasy / Universal Ave., which reached the US Charts at the end of the 80s. The music of Robert Schroeder is various, but always soulful. He combines spherical synthesizer sounds with modern rhythmical contrasts, often supplemented by spacey guitars and sometimes also by piano, cello or voices. Schroeder's music spectrum includes Electronic, Ambient, Chill-Out, Lounge, Berlin School, Adventure and Trip-Hop.

MINDWALK (11th solo CD, 74 minutes) was created with a lot of love to the detail. This album exists partly of rhythmical, tuneful tracks (Synthi, drums, e-guitar) and partially of sphere, meditation and sound sceneries. Some tracks were composed especially for live performance. They originated in 1990 on the occasion of the MINDWALK concert âSchwingungen Live Nachtmusik im WDRâ (WDR is the main German Radio (Cologne, 3.3.1990).
The repertoire of this successful concert was reconstructed and re-produced in the studio, exactly how it was, with the atmosphere and the mood of this live event but without the undesirable side effects. MINDWALK also contains a SKYWALKER (1983) remake, which counts always to the popular Schroeder's repertoire on live concerts. GUITRONIC, the DreamShocker, takes a special place in Schroeder's concert, as well as on the present CD. GUITRONIC does not adapt itself so easily in the available stereotype EM. GUITRONIC is hard, crude and aggressive - a dream shocker - an experiment. The effect with the audience: The best of the evening! Clear, this track had to go on CD.

However, MINDWALK also exists of new titles which were played neither live, nor were published up to now. Klaus Schulze said once to Schroeder's music: "If there is generally contemporary romantic music, it is this from Robert Schroeder". With MINDWALK-tracks like "FOLLOW ME" or "FROM A DISTANCE" Schroeder also does justice even today to this label. "IMPRESSIONS" is fresh Rhythm'n'Sound. Old-analogous sequencer sounds with modern drums, easy to remember guitar reefs and 138-bpm get going the imagination - impressions become free.

This CD is a re-release with sound update. The master recordings of that time were finalized with todays digital technologie and re-released in 2008. The result is a very powerful and clear warm sound. I called it the "Power-Sound-Edition".

Enjoy it
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Skywalker Composed By Robert Schroder

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