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Jade Warrior - Jade Warrior (1971)

Jade Warrior's self-titled debut album showcases members of the psychedelic July inspired by the mystique of the orient. Despite a few minor flaws of new band finding its niche, its members produced a unique album in the height of early progressive rock acts.

The blend of flute, acoustic guitars, an array of percussion instruments and a distorted guitar present themselves in almost every track along with Glyn Havard's Ian Anderson-like vocals. However, the instrumentation provided by Tony Duhig and Jon Field is most prominent, emphasizing both the soothing and spontaneous qualities of nature. For some the disruptive distorted guitars may seem detrimental to the compositions but their presence is appropriate.

The instrumental highlight of the album is the solo percussion sequences. Each one creates wonderful atmospheres, similar to those performed by the contemporary percussionist Yas-Kaz (albeit fifteen years earlier). The mellow flute, reminiscent of Quintessence's Raja Ram, intertwines well with the percussion and acoustic guitars.

There are a few weaker songs which do disrupt the flow of the album. "Telephone Girl" employs weak lyrics and usually merits a skip although the instrumentation is not particularly weak. "Petunia" and "Prenormal Day at Brighton" have overpowering bass drum blasts which make both songs a difficult listen. Otherwise, every other track is well-constructed, especially the extremely catchy "Psychiatric Sergeant."

Overall, this album may not appeal as it ranges from proto-new age compositions to loud electric guitar work. But for those interested in the development of new age music or oriental influence in western music, this album is a necessary addition. 4.5 out of 5. JADE WARRIOR Jade Warrior music review by sidar

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Traveller (2:40)
2. Prenormal Day At Brighton (2:45)
3. Masai Morning (6:44)
4. Windweaver (3:43)
5. Dragonfly Day (7:45)
6. Petunia (4:46)
7. Telephone Girl (4:54)
8. Psychiatric Sergeant (3:08)
9. Slow Ride (2:36)
10. Sundial Song (5:08)

Total Time: 44:09
Line-up / Musicians - Tony Duhig / guitars
- Jon Field / percussion, flutes
- Glyn Havard / bass, vocals

Jade Warrior 'Telephone Girl'

JADE WARRIOR Jade Warrior 01 - 02 - 03

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