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Popol Vuh - Das Hohelied Salamos (1975)

Popol Vuh Das Hohelied Salomos album cover
As usual with POPOL VUH we get a lot of pleasant and beautiful music delivered with a lot of care from Florian Fricke.Florian plays piano throughout, while Daniel Fichelscher provides the percussion and guitar.What makes this especially beautiful are Djon Yun's vocals.Also some guest tablas and sitar are added to the mix. The album opens dramatically with heavy drums as those lovely female vocals come in.They come and go throughout. A great sound after 2 minutes.Tasteful guitar 4 minutes to the end. "Du Schonste Der Weiber" features some excellent guitar and vocals.Some tempo shifts as well.Guitar takes the lead after 3 minutes. "In Den Nachten Auf Den Gasson" has vocals and a more serious mood. "Du Sohn Davids I" opens with vocals,guitar and piano that build in the intro. "In Den Nachton Auf Den Gasson II is an instrumental that is more urgent sounding,not as laid back as the rest of the album. Der Winter Ist Vorbei" features vocals,percusion and sitar, with guitar coming later. "Ja,Deine Liebe Ist Suber Als Wein" has some gorgeous guitar in it as vocals join in. "Du Sohn David II" takes a while to get going with sitar playing sparingly.Vocals after 1 1/2 minutes as guitar and drums join in. "Du Tranke Mich Mit Deinen Kussen" is a great track to end it.The guitar is pretty amazing and what a finish to the song! Wonderful meditative music from the master.One of their best. POPOL VUH Das Hohelied Salomos music reviews and MP3

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Steh auf, zieh mich dir nach (4:40)
2. Du schönste der Weiber (4:32)
3. In den Nächten auf den Gassen I (1:36)
4. Du Sohn Davids I (3:01)
5. In den Nächten auf den Gassen II (3:47)
6. Der Winter ist vorbei (3:45)
7. Ja, deine Liebe ist süsser als
wein (3:37)
8. Du Sohn Davids II (4:45)
9. Du tränke Mich mit deinen Küssen (5:28)

Total Time: 35:11

Line-up / Musicians - Florian Fricke / piano
- Daniel Fichelscher / acoustic & elelectric guitars, percussion
- Djong Yun / vocals
+ Alois Gromer / sitar
- Shana Kumar / tabla

Popol Vuh - Improvisation (1971)

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