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Richard Pinhas - East West (1980)

Often nick-named the 'French Fripp', Guitarist/Electronic whizz Richard Pinhas decided to release some solo work alongside his band work. East/West is the 4th solo release of his, and again he summons the help of his old Heldon cohorts Didier Batard, Georges Grunblatt, Francois Auger and Patrick Gauthier. I'm not convinced that Pinhas has conquered any new ground here, but the album is quite enjoyable. Track 1 - 'Houston 69', Pinhas relies on Batard, Auger and Gauthier, with processed vocals from Norman Spinrad. The track hits you in the face with a barrage of electronic sounds and sequencers backed with a heavy rhythm, the Guitars are Frippian, and the overall feel is quite dramatic. Next up, RP creates a total re- working of a Bowie composition, 'Sense Of Doubt', fully re-interpreted and un-recognisable from the sensational original with a more ambient/programmed electronic styling. 'Kyoto Number 3' is along the lines of what Tangerine Dream were doing during that time (or were about to do...) with more Fripp-like Guitars and sequenced synths. It can't be helped that Fripp and Pinhas go hand-in-hand when it comes to guitar style. 'La Ville Sans Nom' features Georges Grunblatt on a Polymoog, and is fully along the lines of Fripp/Eno works, with a slow sequence and sustained guitar backdrop with some excellent Pinhas soloing. 'Ruitor' finishes the first side, another ambient piece that's very Eno-esque. Nothing original, nor offensive. The second half of the record has something far removed from anything by Heldon or what was on side 1 - 'West Side' features vocals from a Dominique E. and has more in common with Human League than Prog. Not my favourite tune here, to be honest. It's back to Fripp/Eno territory for the lovely extended piece 'Beautiful May'. This track stars Patrick Gauthier on Polymoog and PPG Synth. 'The Whale Dance' is a short ambient track, and the album rounds off with 'Houston 69 Part 2' - featuring Heldon members again, but this time around sounding more up-tempo and faster paced than the first part. In conclusion, this is a good Prog Electronic album of 3 stars, but Pinhas has done much more exciting things previously. RICHARD PINHAS East West music reviews and MP3

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Houston 69: "the crash landing" (5:41)
2. London: "sense of doubt" (2:48)
3. Kyoto: "Kyoto number 3" (2:55)
4. XXXXX: "la ville sans nom" (4:05)
5. Home: "Ruitor" (4:00)
6. New York: "West side" (3:39)
7. Paris: "beautiful May" (7:17)
8. Keflavik: "the whale dance" (3:04)
9. Houston 69: "Houston 69" (4:31)

Total Time: 38:00
Line-up / Musicians
- Richard Pinhas / guitars & electronics, Polymoog, Moog
- Georges Grunblatt / Polymoog
- François Auger / drums
- Didier Batard / e-bass
- Patrick Gauthier / Polymoog (1 & 7 & 9)
- Norman Spinrad / vocal & composition (1 & 9)
- Dominique E. / vocal (6)
- Steve Shehan / percussion (3)

Richard Pinhas, Jerome Schmidt, Milosh Luczynski

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