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Birth Control - Backdoor Possibilities (1976)

Though being usually overlooked and considered inferior to the previous one "Plastic People" (which couldn't fascinate me a lot I've to say) "Backdoor possibilities" had been BC's best and most versatile work and their only one in fact being relevant in terms of Prog (at least for me). Their first couple of albums had been more in an organ-driven hard rock vein with progressive tendencies being quite good and nice to listen but anything really exciting nor original. Then they changed their style significantly on "Plastic People" towards a sound based more on classical Prog mostly denying their hard rock roots. That one was certainly more appealing to most Prog fans than the previous albums, at least to those preferring a more mellow and gentle sound. Though musicianship and the line-up had been admittedly impressive there that one could never fully convince me. But what a big surprise, here with this album here in review things are completely different. Unlike the previous one this one manages to keep my attention starting from the very first sound effect of "One First of April" until the final note on "No Time To Die". This concept album offers really interesting tracks, more complex and fragile they've ever done covering most divers influences by jazz and classical music. There are plenty of tempo shifts on here and rocking electric guitars are alternating with Spanish acoustic ones, slightly Canterburian or Zappa-esque jazz sections with groovy synthesizer ones. Of course what BC presented here can't be called other than derivative and it wasn't anything unique or original but still this album stands for me as their best work and in fact the only one by them worth giving 4 stars though I doubt it could be considered really an essential addition. BIRTH CONTROL Backdoor Possibilities music reviews and MP3

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. One first of April: (7:41)
i) Prologue 2:32
ii) Physical and mental short circuit 3:58
iii) Subterranean escape 1:11
2. Beedeepees: (8:34)
i) Film of life 5:37
ii) Childhood flash-back 0:52
iii) Legal labyrinth 2:05
3. Futile prayer (5:55)
4. La Cigüena de Zaragoza: (8:17)
i) The farrockaway ropedancer 4:28
ii) Le moineau de Paris 2:24
iii) Cha cha d'amour 1:25
5. Behind grey walls (6:53)
6. No time to die (6:10)

Total Time: 43:30

Line-up / Musicians
- Peter Föller / basses, vocals
- Bruno Frenzel / guitars, vocals
- Zeus B. Held / keyboards, Tenor sax, tubular bells, vocals
- Bernd Noske / drums, percussion, lead vocals
+ Michael / additional percussion

Birthcontrol - The farrockaway ropedancer.

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