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Popol Vuh - Herz Aus Glas (1977)

This is one of several soundtracks POPOL VUH did for Werner Herzog the famous German movie producer. As philippe mentions in his review, POPOL VUH didn't make music for movies.This was music Florain had already recorded and kept at home in a box.Florian was long time friends with Werner, having actually acted in the latters first feature film in 1967.As Florian relates "Sometimes he(Werner) came to my house and he asked me "please open your box" the one in which i kept my tapes from my productions.When we are listening to music,sometimes he lifts his finger and says "this part of your music would be great music for a film." And so that's in part how the process would begin for POPOL VUH's music being used in a Herzog movie. My attitude in listening to POPOL VUH is completely different to when i listen to other recordings.The reason for this is because i know Florian makes music for the heart. And i know he's genuine when he talks about his music as being a way for love to felt and experienced.I can testify to that truth personally. "Engel Der Gegenwart" begins with sitar sounds coming and going without much else going on.It's 3 minutes in before we get a melody,and it gets even better after 5 minutes when the guitar and drums become more prominant.This song seems to go from sad to happy. "Blatter Aus Dem Buch Der Kuhnheit" opens with sitar once again as the lead instrument as guitar is strummed.This is quite enjoyable. "Das Lied Vo Den Hohen Bergin" is very Indian sounding with the dominant sitar and percussion throughout. "Huter Der Schwelle" is one of my favourites.This is much fuller sounding and check out the guitar 3 minutes in. "Der Ruf" is another amazing song.There's something uplifting about this one.It's like light is shining out from the music,or is it love? Very warm and emotional. "Singet,Denn Der Gesang Vertreibt Die Wolfe" features drums,guitar and sitar that stand out,but they all work together as one in this wonderful track. "Gemeinschaft" is another moving song with some warm flute early.The last four songs are very especially heavenly. A solid 4 star album.This is meaningful music without words.They aren't necessary. POPOL VUH Herz aus Glas music reviews and MP3

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Engel der Gegenwart (8:15)
2. Blätter aus dem Buch der Kühnheit (4:17)
3. Das Lied von den hohen Bergen (4:08)
4. Hüter der Schwelle (3:45)
5. Der Ruf (4:41)
6. Singet, denn der Gesang vertreibt die Wölfe (4:30)
7. Gemeinschaft (3:47)

Total Time: 33:23
Line-up / Musicians
- Florian Fricke / piano
- Daniel Fichelscher / guitars, percussion
- Mathias von Tippelskirch / flute
- Al Gromer / sitar

Popol Vuh - Das Lied von Den Hohen Bergen

Popol Vuh - Engel der Gegenwart

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