Saturday, 10 September 2011

Porcupine Tree - Nil Recurring (2007)

Now this i like alot,its got porcupine tree doing wat they do best it might be an ep but its a good ep for that matter,the first track is kind of porcupine tree like there gone into another world not weird like just porcup[ine tree doing it if u understand wat i,m going on about lol,next track normal is a brilliant track and is sentimental of foabp like an earlier version of it kind of the same but i bet this is one of the first versions of the song or retryed again and is a good song to but the song is alot like sentimental which that track i love alot so its a welcome on here,next is cheating the polygraph which is so porcupine tree like foabp and if youve got foabp you must get this for this anmd the next song to,next is what happens now is i think the best track on the album everything on this track is porcupine tree at there newest sounding just like foabp,if you own foabp get hold of this to as its a must have not as good as that album but it is an ep if it was a proper album i reckon it would be just as good as foabp i give this 4 stars buy tjis if you enjoyed foabp. PORCUPINE TREE Nil Recurring music review by davidsporle

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Nil Recurring (6:08)
2. Normal (7:07)
3. Cheating the Polygraph (7:06)
4. What Happens Now? (8:23)

Total Time: 28:00
Line-up / Musicians - Steven Wilson / vocals, guitars, piano, keyboards
- Richard Barbieri / keyboards and synthesizers
- Colin Edwin / bass guitars
- Gavin Harrison / drums, percussion, tapped guitar

porcupine tree nil recurring

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