Thursday, 8 September 2011

Richard Pinhas - Iceland (1980)

Richard Pinhas has included a music with this album. Iceland, or the Land of Ice, music glacial cold, pure, beautiful, dangerous, elusive ... Iceland Part 1 offers a apporhce of galciers. Iceland Part 2 refers to the fear that low voltage will be unknown, in this cold world, the sounds are fabulous. The Last Kings of Thid is particularly successful sounds getting more and more worried, guitar Richard Pinhas is half a moitié aggressive beautiful and flat, creating a kind of anxiety that can not come because it is really has a comfortable listening to this beautiful album. Iceland Part 3, here we discover the beauty of the land of ice, blue and white dominates ... purity, ecology. Sign to remind us of the turbulent world of cities, a concept album works perfectly, the title is simple but indispensable. The Last Kings of Thule Part 2, fortunately there is a deuxème on this trip so interesting, the guitar takes its splendor. Short transition, is probably a kind of animal prowess, a presence, without danger. Greenland, and the Green Earth, see the grass here, a way, the melody is sublime, the fullness, well be assured. Wintermusic is a title which announces the extreme cold, extreme, what we feared the most, the fear, but the title is very soft, soothing, simply beautiful and carefree as the album is a cure for happiness has RICHARD PINHAS Iceland music review by Discographia

Songs / Tracks Listing 1. Iceland Part 1 (1:07)
2. Iceland Part 2 (9:38)
3. The last king of Thule (2:26)
4. Iceland Part 3 (7:46)
5. Indicatif radio (1:04)
6. The last king of Thule Part 2 (5:30)
7. Short transition (0:35)
8. Greenland (8:54)
9. Wintermusic (24:53)

Line-up / Musicians - Richard Pinhas / guitars & electronics
- François Auger / drums (8)
- Jean Philippe Goude / Minimoog (8)

Richard Pinhas 3 tunes from "Iceland"

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