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Popol Vuh - Aguirre, The Wrath of God (1976)

This would be the first of many soundtracks that Florian would do for Werner Herzog.The movie itself is apparently very good by the way.Andy Thompson from "Planet Mellotron" insists that there is no mellotron on this album,what sounds like mellotron is actually choir organ,something that AMON DUUL II also used.I have a different track listing that what is shown here. Florian really contrasts well the light and dark aspects of music here,as well as taking us on some experimental adventures. "Aguirre I" features these heavenly trancendental soundscapes that seem to take us into the presence of God.Beautiful. "Flote" is a short one minute track of pan pipe playing from guest Robert Eliscu. "Morgengruss II" is the only track that Florian didn't compose as Daniel Ficheischer did this one.We get the sounds of the spinett from Florian and the guitar from Daniel creating wonder.Lots of light and beauty on this one. "Aguirre II" opens with thoses choir-like sounds that come in waves.This continues until the guitar takes over before 3 minutes.Great sound 5 minutes in. "Agnus Dei" sounds amazing when it kicks in around 30 seconds.I like the guitar 2 minutes in as well.Excellent track. "Vergegenwaertigung" is the almost 17 minute experimental closing track.This is where it gets dark with no real melody,just sounds.This is minimilistic to say the least as sounds seem to float in and out of the darkness. I really like this album a lot.You don't ususally find the stark contrasts of musical styles that are found on this recording,especially from POPOL VUH. POPOL VUH Aguirre, The Wrath of God music reviews and MP3

Songs / Tracks Listing 1. Aguirre I (7:23)
2. Morgengruss II (2:57)
3. Aguirre II (6:16)
4. Agnus Dei (3:02)
5. Vergegenwärtigung (14:43)
6. Spirit of Peace, part 1 (3:34)
7. Spirit of Peace, part 2 (7:27)
8. Spirit of Peace, part 3 (9:45)

Line-up / Musicians - Florian Fricke / piano, mellotron
- Daniel Fichelscher / electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums
- Djong Yun / vocal
- Robert Eliscu / oboe, pan pipe

Popol Vuh - Aguirre I (L'acrime di rei)

Aguirre Soundtrack Aguirre II

Vergegenwärtigung - Popol Vuh - full track

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