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Popol Vuh - Nosferatu (1978)

Popol Vuh Nosferatu  album cover
This POPOL VUH album is part of the soundtrack to Werner Herzog's "Nosferatu" movie. Funny but some of these songs don't sound like they would belong in a vampire movie.Lots of Eastern and Indian passages and some uplifting songs as well. There are six out of these ten tracks that are dark and spacey and give an eerie and haunting mood.No drums on this one as Daniel is confined to acoustic and electric guitars only. "Mantra 1" is an Indian flavoured tune that opens with sitar that comes and goes while another ethnic instrument is played in the background.These are repeated over and over. "Morning Sun" is a Fichelscher composition and the only song that Florian didn't help create.An acoustic guitar melody is played over and over throughout.A joyful and uplifting song. "Venus Principle" is another Indian styled song with sitar and percussion early.Guitar comes and goes briefly each time. "Mantra 2" is rather melancholic and dark,quite haunting. "On The Way" really sounds like mellotron choirs but is apparently really a male choir.Very haunting and dark indeed. "Through Pain To Heaven II" opens with a humming sound that builds quickly.Guitar comes in around a minute and comes and goes throughout.I really like the guitar here as it gives us a brighter,uptempo sound compared to that dark humming that continues throughout.Cool song. "To A Little Way" features Florian on these lonely sounding synths throughout. "Zwiesprache Der Rohflote Mit Der Sangerin" opens with sitar before a melody comes in before a minute.I like it! The electric guitar is fantastic! "Die Nacht Himmel" is very spacey and dark with synths reminding me of "Zeit" by TANGERINE DREAM. "Der Ruf Der Rehrflote" continues the same mood from the previous song only it's not as loud.Very dark and lonely though. I like this one a lot.I like the variety and the contrasts of good and evil,dark and light. I don't know if Florian could make this all dark and eerie even if he was asked to.It's not what was in his heart and soul.Thanks for the light Florian. POPOL VUH Nosferatu music reviews and MP3

Songs / Tracks Listing 1. Mantra I (6:14)
2. Morning sun rays (3:20)
3. Venus principle (4:39)
4. Mantra II - Choir (5:22)
5. On the way (4:49)
6. Through pains to Heaven II (3:37)
7. To a little way (2:32)
8. Zwiespräche der Rohrflöte mit der Sängerin (3:42)
9. Die Nacht der Himmel (4:03)
10. Der Ruf der Rohrflöte (3:21)

Line-up / Musicians - Florian Fricke / piano, moog
- Daniel Fichelscher / guitar
- Ted De Jong / tamboura
- Al Gromer / sitar

Popol Vuh - Nosferatu - Weinen und Lahen

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