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Porcupine Tree - Warszawa (2004)

As previously expressed in my Magenta -Another Time Another Place review, prog albums in a live setting are rarely monumental achievements because of the heavy production tendency associated with our beloved musical genre. Proggers like to lay it on thick in the studio , ever since Alan Parsons multi tracks fiddled with Dark side of The Moon. PTree's 1997 live release "Coma Divine" is considered by many fans to the point of unanimity, one of the all-time great prog albums ,period-live or studio. Listening to that concert set regularly ever since, it's hard to dispute! After a series of killer studio albums ( the elegant "Stupid Dream", the quirky "Lightbulb Sun" and the devastating fury of "In Absentia") , Steve Wilson and his companions Barbieri, Edwin and Maitland endeavour to prove that they are on course to claiming the Prog crown, by releasing this 2001 concert in Warszaw, for the Polish Radio 3 , an event staged in the past for Colin Bass' magical "Live Polskie Radio" 2 CD set. PTree is most appreciated in a live setting as they not only cook but sizzle in front of an audience. This set simmers, swirls, bounces, burps, wails and screams through a blistering rendition of their newer tunes (In Absentia excepted), with the avid propulsion of a small but very enthusiastic Polish audience heard throughout. Chris and Colin are their usual well lubricated rythm machine, setting torrid grooves on the longer classic pieces such as "Even Less", "Hatesong" , the amazing "Russia On Ice" and the cinematographic "Voyage34" written with the help of VDGG and Dead Can Dance members, the crowning achievement on this CD , shoving it into the realm of the absolute. This is a much harder-edge affair than " Coma Divine" reflecting the new tougher tone demonstrated with such success on "In Absentia". Beyond Richard Barbieri's creative keyboard genius and his ultra modern intervention, it's Steve Wilson's guitar that truly drops the jaw! At times, its unbelievable, the way he tortures the strings, caressing the frets, pushing all the right buttons without any hint of technical arrogance! Damn, is he ever good! Steve is definitely on a mission , with so many past monuments both with PTree, Blackfield and No-Man, as well as his musician-producer contributions with Opeth, Paatos, Fish and many others, proving over and over again the consistency of his vision and the confirmation of his immense talent. The imminent new album "Deadwing" should be another step in the keeping him on top of the ProgWorld. We will find out soon! 4 Wilson volleyballs PORCUPINE TREE Warszawa music reviews and MP3
Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Even Less (7:36)
2. Slave Called Shiver (5:08)
3. Shesmovedon (5:21)
4. Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth... (5:01)
5. Lightbulb Sun (5:59)
6. Russia On Ice (12:26)
7. Where We Would Be (3:40)
8. Hatesong (8:36)
9. Stop Swimming (7:08)
10. Voyage 34 (12:37)
11. Signify (5:40)

Total Time: 79:12
Line-up / Musicians - Steven Wilson / guitar, vocals
- Richard Barbieri / keyboards
- Colin Edwin / bass
- Chris Maitland / dru

Porcupine Tree - Lightbulb Sun (Live in Warszawa)

Porcupine Tree, Signify, May 1999, San Francisco.

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