Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Porcupine Tree - Atlanta (2010)

Yes, It is essential to all that love great music and charity. All of the proceeds of this wonderful US performance will go to helping Mick Karn (Japan, no-man) pay for his cancer treatment, That a band like PT decided to do this, with music that was already mixed and ready for an actual CD release, is truly astonishing in this world. All we ever hear about are the self-centered musical dimwits trying to climb to the top over everyone they can. True artists and humanitarians like PT should be applauded for this!

Now to the music: Brilliant! Another phenomenal performance, this time from the states. This is a wonderful companion piece to Anesthetize DVD/Bluray with a varied set list in comparison. Yes, you still get all of the FOABP tracks, but there are plenty of other gems in here, including Smart Kid, Dark Matter, Even Less, and a beautiful re-working of Half-Light (miles ahead of the DW bonus version). All expertly played by a band at the top of their game. You get it all for $10us and can download it from the PT store at their website. It also comes with printable artwork. A brgain that will make your ears and heart sing with joy.   PORCUPINE TREE Atlanta music review by pagan97
Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Fear of a Blank Planet (9:31)
2. What Happens Now? (8:04)
3. Sound of Muzak (5:16)
4. Sentimental (5:37)
5. Drown With Me (5:51)
6. Anesthetize (17:30)
7. Open Car (4:45)
8. Dark Matter (8:51)
9. Cheating the Polygraph (8:38)
10. A Smart Kid (5:31)
11. Blackest Eyes (4:58)
12. Half-Light (5:59)
13 .Way Out of Here (7:42)
14 .Sleep Together (8:46)
15. Even Less (6:11)
16. Halo (7:24)

Line-up / Musicians

- Steven Wilson / vocals, guitar, piano
- Richard Barbieri / keyboards, synthesizer
- Colin Edwin / bass guitar
- Gavin Harrison / drums

John Wesley / vocals, guitar

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