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Electric Orange - Abgelaufen ( 2001 )

This was released in 2001, but was based on sessions recorded July 1999-August 2000,and was mastered by Eroc at The Ranch. This is very much a hit and miss affair for me. Maybe i was spoiled by starting with their "Morbus" release which is simply amazing. This one is trippy,repetitive and fairly laid back overall,it just doesn't have those outstanding moments that "Morbus" does. "Off" opens with hammond organ as a beat comes in.Then a different,more uptempo beat takes over.The organ is back ripping it up, and it takes turn with the guitar the rest of the way.Great start. They slow things down on "Dym".A relexed beat leads the way until a complete change after 3 minutes.Then we get spoken words as the beat has stopped.The rhythm returns after 4 1/2 minutes with organ.More spoken words 6 minutes in.Mellotron before 7 minutes.Nice. "Zwiestuck" has this catchy beat as vocals come in reminding me a lot of Damo Suzuki.This sounds so much like CAN! "Bandeins Swingklar" is experimental early with different sounds coming and going.Farfisa organ 5 1/2 minutes in and some mellotron.This is a dark soundscape. "Golden Lake" opens with percussion and a dark mood.The tempo picks up with hammond, then vocals join in.The organ becomes prominant after 2 1/2 minutes.Guitar before 4 minutes.It settles 4 1/2 minutes in for a couple of minues then the organ and vocals lead the way once again. "Gruff" features a mid-paced dark rhythm with faint vocals for 11 minutes. "Hydrat" is more upbeat and faster paced than the previous song.An infectious beat to this one. "Ganus Abgelaufen" is the 15 minute closer.This is slow moving and dark throughout.There are these faint spoken words and some organ. Lots to like about this record,but they will improve upon this with "Morbus". ELECTRIC ORANGE Abgelaufen! music reviews and MP3(Review from

Songs / Tracks Listing 1. Off (5:03)
2. Dym (9:55)
3. Zwieback (6:35)
4. Bandeins Swingklar (9:20)
5. Golden Lake (8:17)
6. Gruff (11:10)
7. Hydrat (6:30)
8. Ganus Abgelaufen (15:11)

Total Time: 72:01

Line-up / Musicians - Dirk Bittner / vocals, voices, guitar, drums, samples, Leslie, bass, vocoder, Rhodes, synthesizer
- Dirk Jan Müller / hammond, farfisa, Rhodes, synths, samples, Leslie, tapes, loops, Mellotron, beatbox
- Tom Rückwald / bass
- Eric Karow / drums, trash percussion

electric orange - hydrat live 2005

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