Friday, 25 February 2011

Kraan - Wiederhoren (1977)

KRAAN's first three albums are all classics in my opinion,and they hold a special place in my collection. Their fourth release "Let It Out" is a 4 star record but it's not as good as the first three. "Wiederhoren" was released in 1977 and it does seem more polished and lighter,it has some great moments though,but for me the magic is gone. "Just One Way" opens with percussion and congas before guitar,bass,drums then vocals take over.A fairly light opening track. "Vollgas Ahoi" is my favourite song on here,it's heavier and more intense.The bass is really prominant from Hattler.Check out the guitar after 3 minutes. "Silky Way" is just like the title implies.They slow it down for this smooth track.Lots of excellent bass though. "Rendezvous In Blue" is a light,catchy tune with lots of keys. "Let's Take A Ride" is my second favourite tune on here.We get some vocals for the first time since the opening song.Some cool intricate sounds 2 minutes in,while the keys shine a minute later. "Rund Um Die Uhr" opens with some guitar that reminds me of MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA.Some fuzz a minute in followed by more great guitar.This is a top three for me.An impressive instrumental. "Yaqui Yagua" has an eastern flavour early before a catchy melody takes over.Vocals 2 1/2 minutes in with some great bass a minute later.That catchy melody from earlier returns to end it. "Wiederhoren" builds to an uptempo melody.Some scorching guitar in this one.The drumming 4 1/2 minutes in is pretty intense. Good jazzy album from a band that has made some amazing albums prior to this.3.5 stars. KRAAN Wiederhören music reviews and MP3

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Just One Way (4:00)
2. Vollgas Ahoi
3. Silky Way (3:58)
4. Rendezvous in Blue (5:56)
Let's take a Ride (5:19)
6. Rund um die Uhr (3:45)
7. Yaqui
Yagua (5:19)
8. Wiederhören (7:13)

Total Time: 41:37

Line-up / Musicians
- Ingo Bischof / keyboards
- Jan Fride
/ drums
- Helmut Hattler / bass
- Peter Wolbrandt / guitar,
+ Tommy Goldschmidt / congas, percussion

Kraan: Borgward

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