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Birth Control - Plastic People (1975)

If I had to make a decision on the Desert Island list, I might select BIRTH CONTROL's "Plastic People" to join the lot!. "Plastic People" was the 6th release for this German progressive outfit and in my opinion marks a real highlight in progressive rock music. "Plastic People" offers a highly refined and professional sound, with some absolutely scrumptious musicianship. Electric and complex progressive rock which does really not sound all that underground as so many German 70's acts did. I would slot this album somewhere in the PINK FLOYD, CAMEL, NEKTAR school of progressive rock. BIRTH CONTROL are joined here by the 2 lads from HOELDERLIN ( Christoph Noppeney & Jochen von Grumbkow) who add some sweet cello and viola along the way. Songs are nice and complex and well constructed offering some nice tempo changes and departures into the land of the "Plastic People". Instrumentation is clearly a stand out here and I love the keyboard sounds throughout which do not always dominate but instead nicely compliment the rest of the instruments. For those who love nice complex drumming with great musical excursions then this will wet your palate. "Plastic People" is a very complete album and I would highly recommend this album to all progressive rock fans. BIRTH CONTROL Plastic People music reviews and MP3 

For me this is Birth Controls finest album which fuses there blend of Krautrock and progressive rock perfectly, like no other album of there's

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Plastic people (10:54)
2. Tiny flashlights (7:33)
3. My mind (6:49)
4. Rockin' rollin' roller (5:43)
5. Trial trip (6:43)
6. This song is just for you (7:28)

Total Time: 45:10
Line-up / Musicians
- Peter Föller / bass, vocals, vibes (3
- Bruno Frenzel / guitars, backing vocals
- Zeus B. Held / keyboards, backing vocals, Tenor sax (2-4), trumpet(4)
- Bernd Noske / drums, percussion, f/x, lead vocals
+ Friedmann Leinert / flute (6)
- Christoph Noppeney / viola (3-6)
- Jochen von Grumbkow / cello (3-6)
- Ulla, Hanne & Brigitte / chorus (6)
- Robby (saxophone), Otto (trombone) & Harry (trumpet), horns (6)

Birth Control - Plastic People

Birth Control - "Trial Trip" (1975)

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