Thursday, 7 January 2010

Art Zoyd - La Chute De La Maison Usher (2008)

Art Zoyd's latest album is very avant garde ........ so much so though that i find it all really unmemorable to be honest, as much as say, there "Metropolis" was.

 This is yet another soundtrack album and i feel suffers ( as all there newer albums do, for me anyway ) of the absence of "Thierry Zaboitzeff" which only goes to show what a major part of this bands sound he was. Sadly this album just comes across to me as a meandering intense unfocused onslaught of FX which i don't think too many would actually give a second listen.

To sum up ...dissapointing. You'll do much better to check out any of "Thierry Zaboitzeffs" albums which are really outstanding and have more of the "Art Zoyd" sound than this album unfortunately only hints at.


Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Orée (5:41)
i) Lisière
ii) Dog Tricks
iii) Wit
iv) Les Verchons Fourgus
v) Chemins

2. Madeline (3:02)
i) Au-dedans
ii) Dog Tricks
iii) La mare aux Larmes

3. Le Manoir (5:06)
i) Ombres
ii) Dog tricks
iii) Wit
iv) Éclat
v) Wit
vi) Dog Tricks
vii) Vibrations

4. Traces (2:51)
i) Wit
ii) Au-dedans
iii) Danse de fantomes
iv) Verchons fourgus
v) Wit

5. Le Tableau Vivant (14:07)
i) Froz #4
ii) Versons fourgus
iii) Au-dedans
iv) Jabber´s skin
v) Empeintes

6. Cérémonie (5:26)
i) Lisière
ii) Rayon des vetements obscurs
iii) Lézarbouches limacieuses
iv) Dog tricks
v) Menacant
vi) Écla

7. Marche au Cercueil (10:01)
i) Au-dedans
ii) Rayon des vetements obscurs
iii) Vertical
iv) Jabber´s skin

8. Paysage Griffé (7:21)
i) Au-dedans
ii) Wit
iii) Verchons fourgus
iv) Fragments

9. Láppel de la Nuit (3:59)
i) Régénération
ii) Lézarbouches limacieuses

10. Le retour de Madeleine (5:08)
i) Verchons fourgus
ii) La mare aux larmes
iii) Dévasté
iv) Résurrection

11. Le Brasier (3:30)
i) Péroraison
ii) Lisiére

Total Time: 66:12
Line-up / Musicians - Patricia Dallio / piano, sampler
- Yukari Hamada-Bertocchi / keyboard, sampler, electronics
- Gérard Hourbette / pads, percussion, sampler
- Daniel Koskowitz / pads, percussion
- Jérome Soudan / pads, percussion
- Laurent Dailleau / theremin, electronics

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