Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Mind of a Brother- Spacious Mind (1989)

Without a question one of today's most notable and highly hypnotic prog acts about the scene are Sweden's "The SPACIOUS MIND". Take note of these guys my friends they are simply bigger than life! "The Mind Of A Brother " marks the 4th CD released from these culturally cosmic inclined space rockers and stands on its own as another wonderful album. Not unlike "Organic Mind Solution" and "Cosmic Minds At Play" this album is full of what can only be described as a sonic mind blast. "Brother" is full of raging fuzz guitar solos, bongos and percussion, wild vocals, heavy sound bites and psychy backdrops. The SPACIOUS MIND are a wonderful mix of psych and progressive genres offering some absolutely stunning sonic breakouts. This album is not well suited for those long Sunday afternoon drives in the county , but instead is a great way to start your morning off right! Review from

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. The Prophet Am I
2. House in the Country
3. Interplanetarian Love Machine pt III
4. The Closer You Get to the Sun
5. Outlaw Mutation Boogie 
Line-up / Musicians
- Jens Unosson / synthesizers, electronics, atmospheres
- Henrik Oja / guitars, vocals
- Thomas Brännström / guitar, vocals, whistles, glockenspiel
- David Johansson /percussion 

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