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Boud Deun - Astronomy Made Easy (1997)

Incredible fusion from the USA. I didn't enjoy this one as much as "The Stolen Bicycle",but this is still jaw dropping stuff.This is the kind of music that really needs to be listened to carefully in order to fully enjoy and appreciate it.The violinist in particular has a unique style,but they all are so amazing and tight.

"December 17th" opens with pounding drums and bass as some creative guitar arrives. A bass solo follows. I am awe struck with how amazing these guys play. What a display ! "Good King Friday" features some beautiful guitar and violin interplay. "Spiders" opens with some great guitar as the bass comes rumbling in and drums pound away. The song settles down as violin comes in. A full sound to end it. "Sleeping" is a mellow violin driven track. It's ok. "Niether" again features some mind boggling play,especially from the drummer and guitarist. "Copper Ink" is the longest track. It's really out of control with periods of rest in between. It calms down 3 1/2 minutes in with drums and violin. The bass before 6 minutes is killer.

"Conversations With Ellis" features some fat bass(no offense) and odd metered drumming. Some smooth violin melodies follow. "Coal Boxes And Daisy Cutters" has some crazy guitar in this rip snorter. "Lincoln" is fairly reserved 2 minutes in with bass,drums and violin. The guitar 4 minutes in is great as the drummer pounds every square inch of his kit. "Jupiter" 30 seconds in is the heaviest part of the album. More other-worldly drumming 5 minutes in right to the end of the song. "The Miller's Tale" is a short, yet blistering assault. "The Quince Tree" is more laid back until it changes 1 1/2 minutes in as rumbling drums arrive. Guitar and violin play over top. Bass solo 4 minutes in.

This is a no brainer for fusion fans or fans of virtuoso playing,however it rarely lets up with the bombast which is probably why their "The Stolen Bicycle" is one i prefer much more to this.Review from

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. December 17th (3:22) 
2. Good King Friday (2:38) 
3. Spiders (4:57) 
4. Sleeping (1:17) 
5. Neither (2:54) 
6. Copper Ink (9:51) 
7. Conversations With Elvis (3:43) 
8. Coal Boxes And Daisy Cutters (3:35) 
9. Lincoln (5:23) 
10. Jupiter (7:42) 
11. The Miller's Tale (1:18) 
12. The Quince Tree (5:07)

Total Time: 51:47

Line-up / Musicians

- Shawn Persinger / guitar 
- Matt Eiland / bass 
- Greg Hiser / violin 
- Rocky Cancelose / drums

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