Sunday, 25 November 2012

Host - HARDT MOT HARDT (1976)

What amazed me most about this album was the virtuoso guitar playing of this guy named Fezza. He also plays the flute and wrote all the songs except for the instrumental. But man can he light up the guitar,and he can play some delicate and intricate melodies as well. This record is no doubt symphonic yet there are some classical elements and some downright scorching guitar solos as well. The singing is in Norwegian and is quite good. The drumming and organ play are outstanding as well. These guys don't take themselves too seriously either as there are some silly moments.

I like the vocal melody to open the instrumental "Ase" it's pretty funny. "Lektyre" is an orchestral song with vocals. "Sirkus" is the longest tune and one of my favs. I like the aggressive guitar playing and there is some violin and what sounds like the accordion to me. The opener is a good one, with crisp drumming and some beautiful guitar melodies. "Gorobin" opens with some intricate guitar before we get the full sound around the 2 minute mark.The drums and organ dominate although the guitar is again great !

My favourite song is "Nattergalen" as it all seems to come together beautifully. The guitar,drums and vocals are incredible while the flute solo is a nice touch. Organ play follows and then an amazing guitar solo. There are some good bass lines in the final song "Aeraeeo" and i swear Fezza can make his guitar talk. The vocals are theatrical and the organ and flute all add to an amazing sound.

This took a while to grow on me but right from the start there was no disputing the talent of this Norwegian band. A beauty from 1976. Review from

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Profetens ord (5:40)
2. Gorobin (5:09)
3. Nattergalen (7:10) Ørnkloa (3:17)
4. Sirkus (7:42)
5. Lektyre (3:55)
6. Åse (3:19)
7. Æræeo (5:57)

Total Time: 34:59

Line-up / Musicians
- Geir Jahren / vocal
- Bernt Brodahl / bass
- Willy Bendiksen / drums
- Fezza Ellingsen / guitar, flute
- Halvdan Nedrejord / organ, piano

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