Saturday, 17 November 2012

Guapo - Five Suns (2004)

This must be one of the most original releases I've heard since long time. Although I do recognize some elements from King Crimson's red and vroom period or even Anekdoten. Still there's more to it. The sound of this instrumental music is in between progressive/psychedelic and postrock from bands like "Explosions in the sky" or "Godspeed". It's post rock because of the melodies that slowly return on and on while the tension is building up. I would call it progressive rock because of the wall of sound and the excellent way the guys are handling their instruments. On "five suns part 2" for example there's the power from the guitar reminiscent to Sonic Youth, the powerful Wetton like bass lines and acrobat drums but on the other hand there's also a tiny sound of a hammond organ and a spooky mellotron. The combination of these very different ingredients gives a splendid result ! Needless to say this music is very basic and sober although quite detailed. Although I never listen more than a couple of songs at once, each track is compelling all the way. My personal favorite may be "Topan", a calm track with emphasis on the gentle Hammond sounds especially on the opening tones. Never heard anything from this band before so I can't compare this record to other Guapo releases but this is a fine and most original effort worth of checking out for those who like some instrumental, dark and powerful music.

Amazing album which is like a blistering King Crimson, Ruins and Anekdoten on steroids with heavy bass and full on mellotron, but theres also some excellent lighter progressive moments in here.A band to watch for sure.

Songs / Tracks Listing 

1. Five Suns - Part 1 (4:31)
2. Five Suns - Part 2 (10:19)
3. Five Suns - Part 3 (10:30)
4. Five Suns - Part 4 (12:57)
5. Five Suns - Part 5 (7:55)
6. [untitled] (1:00)
7. Mictlan (8:58)
8. Topan (6:37) 

Line-up / Musicians 

- Daniel O'Sullivan / Fender Rhodes, organ, Mellotron, harmonium, guitar, electronics
- Matt Thompson / bass, guitar, electronics
- Dave Smith / drums, percussion 

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