Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Host - PÅ STERKE VINGER (1974)

Simply one of the best Norwegian albums ever! All of the songs have an extremely high standard, no dead-points. The musicianship on this album is very good, and so are the vocals too. You can in fact almost hear some Iron Maiden types of music on this album. although this album came out a couple of years before Maiden's debut. I love this album, and I would recommend it to anybody. 

I love this band ! I really didn't think of IRON MAIDEN as some others have mentioned, but yeah they have twin lead guitars and a bassist who you can't ignore if you know what i mean.The vocals are in Norwegian and are excellent. I'm actually glad he sings in his own language,it sounds amazing ! And the drummer is so impressive.The truth is that this band could play with anybody.They're all gun slingers. I have their second and final release which is also a killer album but i like this one a little more.

"Fattig Men Fri" opens with 30 seconds of fury before it settles down as reserved vocals come in. I thought i heard mellotron but it's "string ensemble". The one guitarist also plays moog,clavinet,organ, and grand piano. Nice guitar solo after 3 minutes as well. Awesome opener and probably my favourite. "For Sent A Angre" opens with guitars as bass and drums join in followed by vocals. I really like the drumming on this one. More excellent guitar after 1 1/2 minutes. "I Ly Av Morket" opens with piano as drums then reserved vocals arrive. Tasteful guitar after 3 minutes. This is fairly mellow overall and my least favourite.

"Satans Skorpe" starts off slowly but gets better as it goes. Some vocal harmonies in this one too. Great sound after 1 1/2 minutes as it gets heavier. Guitar solo a minute later and check out the chunky bass. The tempo picks up late as the guitar rips it up. "Dit Vi Ma" is just so impressive, just sitting back and listening to these guys play is a joy. Nice fat bass in this one and some blistering guitar. "Samhold" is more aggresiive with some killer bass. Vocals a minute in. Scorching guitar after 2 minutes. The vocals really shine on this one. "Pa Sterke Vinger" opens with guitar as passionate vocals with floating background organ comes in. Very melodic guitar leads on this one. The ground shaking bass before 5 minutes is joined by guitar and drums.They seem to just jam at this point. Nice.The guitar lights it up after 7 minutes. Vocals are back a minute after that. Reviews from

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Fattig Men Fri (4:50)
2. For Sent A Angre (2:55)
3. I Ly Av Mørket (5:11)
4. Satans Skorpe (4:17)
5. Dit Vi Må (4:14)
6. Samhold (3:41)
7. På Sterke Vinger (9:57)

Total Time: 35:05

Line-up / Musicians

- Geir Morgan Jahren / vocals
- Lasse Nilsen / guitar
- Bernt Bodahl / bass
- Knut R. Lie / drums, vocals
- Svein Rønning / guitar, clavinet, organ, string ensemble, Mini-Moog, flute, vocals

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