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Zamla Mammaz Manna - Schlargerns Mystik (1978)

This is one fine parody of the Swedish music scene of the time with many catchy and quite ridiculous tracks. Schlagerns Mystik (The Mystery Of Schlager) is definitely closer to the humor that I associate with Frank Zappa than any incarnation of a Lars Hollmer band. The album is split into two sides where the first one consists entirely of smart parodies of popular Swedish folk tunes. I guess that the genius of the lyrics might get lost in translation but the music is still a real treat for the ears.

The second side consists entirely of one 17-minute instrumental composition entitled Ödet (The Fate) and is anything but parody! This is where the guys get serious and make some fine progressive jamming music that in my opinion resembles Zappas 13-minute The Grand Wazoo-suite.

In conclusion I must warn that this might be acquired taste for fans of the classic prog-rock but if you are a fan of Zappa and seek something exciting to sink your teeth into then by all means try this.

***** star songs: Vid Ragunda (1:37) Årstidsvisan (3:48) Asfaltvisan (1:52)

**** star songs: Profession Är Amatörens Lim (2:20) Knapplösa (2:15) Liten Karin (4:15) Joosan Lost (0:25) Ödet (17:00)

*** star songs: Inte Margareta (3:47)
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Songs / Tracks Listing
1. At Ragunda (1:37)
2. Seasonsong (3:48)
3. Proffesion is the Amateur's Glue (2:20)
4. Buttonless (2:15)
5. Not Margareta (3:47)
6. Little Karin (4:15)
7. Asphaltsong (1:52)
8. Joosan Lost (0:25)
9. The Fate (17:00)

Total time: 37:19

Line-up / Musicians
- Hans Bruniusson / drums, xylophone, chimes, vibraphone, song
- Eino Haapala / electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vibraphone, song
- Lars Hollmer / electric piano, Korg polyphonic, Hohner-symphonic grand piano, accordion, song
- Lars Krantz / electric bass, double-bass, acoustic guitar, song

Zamla Mammaz manna - little karin

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