Thursday, 17 March 2011

Ashra- Correlations (1979)

First i apologise in advance for my english, i know it´s not that good, but i´ll do my best! When i first read the user's reviews for Correlations i hesitated to get it, but i managed to arm myself with courage and a firm sense of adventuring and i ordered it. After a few spins i found that i had done a very good thing. Manuel Göttsching found the perfect balance between a heady spaced-out journey and a wild trip to the disco. Ice Train opens and you just can't help to smile to the sound of that funky guitar, jamming all over the pulsating rythms of the galaxies, it's like a space trucker journey through the starways. And just what is the destination for this journey? Judging from the atmosphere and heavily danceable grooves of Club Cannibal, i think that the answer is to a space-stripper bar. Sorry, i´m so immersed in the atmosphere of this record that i cannot help myself from describing the textures and images that it emanates. Oasis is just what the title suggests, a pleasant, relaxing stop in our trip. It really carries a huge New Age of Earth vibe. Bamboo Sands starts relaxing and very floydian and then it metamorphoses and you know what? We´re back to the grooviness! Boy, this is a fun record! The masterpiece of the album is without any shadow of a doubt Morgana de Capo, it´s a great spacy tune, and it will carry you to the heart of a blazing supernova, indeed one of Göttsching best efforts. The only dissapointing spot on an otherwise magnificent record is Pas de Trois, don´t get me wrong it's a good tune, but it overstays its welcome, it´s too long and meandearing to be memorable. The final stroke is Phantasus a good album closer, floydian from start to finish...really nice and mellow. Well that's it for my review, i felt that i had to do my part in defending this misunderstood classic. Keep gazing to the stars!! Cheers!!ASHRA Correlations music review by MonolithicAngel (Review from

Songs / Tracks Listing 1. Ice Train (7:40)
2. Club Cannibal (5:24)
3. Oasis (3:46)
4. Bamboo Sands (5:40)
5. Morgana da Capo (5:29)
6. Pas de Trois (8:58)
7. Phantasus (5:11)

Line-up / Musicians
- Manuel Göttsching / guitar, synthesizer, sequencer
- Lutz Ulbrich / guitar, synthesizer, piano, mellotron
- Harald Grosskopf / drums, synthesizer, percussion

Total Time: 42:08

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