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Earth And Fire - Atlantis (1973)

1973 followup to "Song of the Marching Children", but I felt it was just a notch down. The album, entitled "Atlantis", of course, is a concept album on the rise and destruction of Atlantis (something ELOY would do four years later for their album "Ocean"). This album is pretty much in the same vein as its predecessor, so really little has changed in the band in those two years. Even the lineup is the same (Jerney Kaagman, twin brothers Chris and Gerard Koerts, bassist Hans Ziech, and drummer Ton v.d. Kleij).

The album opens up with the side length title track, which actually sounds like a collection of separate songs, but still works quite well. Great vocals from Jerney Kaagman as usual, and the ever presence of Mellotron. The music of course, tells to story of Atlantis, the birth, and the destruction thereof. The second half of the album mostly consists of non- related music, with the exception of a recurring theme. One song, "Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Tonight" is without a doubt, the most pop-oriented number on this album. I am not pulling your chain that this song sounds a whole lot like SPANKY & OUR GANG (it reminds me of "Sunday Will Never Be the Same"). Of course, unlike that CHICAGO folk-pop band that's often derided as little than a second-rate MAMAS & THE PAPPAS, this song has Mellotron, to let people know this is a prog rock band. There's the much more progressive "Fanfare", with enough Mellotron to keep anyone happy. "Love, Please Close the Door" is a nice acoustic ballad that closes the album. Great album, nonetheless, even "Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Tonight", and if you're new to EARTH & FIRE, I suggest you get both this album and "Song of the Marching Children" in one go. EARTH AND FIRE Atlantis music reviews and MP3 (Review from progarchives.com)

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Atlantis (16:21)
...a) Prelude - 0:53
...b) Prologue (don't know) - 3:19
...c) The rise and fall (under a cloudy sky) - 2:41
...d) Theme of Atlantis - 3:40
...e) The threat (suddenly) - 2:10
...f) Destruction (rumbling from inside the Earth) - 2:57
...g) Epilogue (don't know) - 0:41
2. Maybe tomorrow, maybe tonight (5:46)
3. Interlude (1:48)
4. Fanfare (3:33)
5. Theme from Atlantis (1:51)
6. Love, please close the door (4:12)

Total Time: 33:40
Line-up / Musicians
- Jerney Kaagman / lead vocals
- Ton van de Kleij / drums, percussion
- Chris Koerts / acoustic & electric guitars, backing vocals
- Gerard Koerts / organ, piano, flute, Mellotron, synthesizers, virginal, backing vocals
- Hans Ziech / bass

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