Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Ashra - Belle Alliance (1980)

As where Correlations - though seemingly admired by many - absolutely displeased me, this album instantly became one of my best loved ones. Side one may be more rock oriented, it certainly has a great sense of humour "Screamer", some very sunny spells "Boomerang" but most of all... Side 2 has some of the most beautiful electronic music ever! "Kazoo" is a gently hypnotic theme and "Code Blue" is the best Ashra track since "Ocean of Tenderness" on New age of earth. Starting of with a majestic organ, gradually flowing into a minimalist masterpiece with very subtle cymbals and percussion by Harald Grosskopf. "Mistral" has Göttsching playing a Santana-like theme, beter than Santana ever could have done. This album and CD are still played on a weekly basis (side 2). This is absolute beauty! ASHRA Belle Alliance music review by Lieven (Review fro

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Wudu (2:29)
2. Screamer (4:26)
3. Boomerang (3:29)
4. Aerogen (3:54)
5. Sansalito (4:24)
6. Kazoo (5:42)
7. Code Blue (15:03)
8. Mistral (3:41)

Total Time: 43:08
Line-up / Musicians
- Manuel Göttsching / guitar, synthesizer, sequencer, bass
- Lutz Ulbrich / guitar, keyboardss, voice, bass
- Harald Grosskopf / drums, percussion, synthesizer, voice

Ashra - Aerogen

Ashra - Boomerang
Ashra - Mistral

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