Monday, 18 May 2015

Epitaph - Stop Look and Listen (1972)

Along with Lucifer's Friend, Blackwater Park, and other bands even more obscure, Epitaph were members of the fraternity of the curious ' 70s German bands that featured British singers. Founded in Dortmund in late 1969 by vocalist/magazine guitarist, Cliff Jackson and his compatriot James McGillivray, plus locally bred bassist Georg Kolbe, Epitaph were named Fagau's gaze in Epitaph, but decided to shorten it after moving to Hanover, where they eventually signed with Polydor. Second magazine guitarist Klaus Walz joined the fold halfway through the sessions for their eponymous debut (released in 1971), which, along with its successor, Stop, Look & Listen (1972), contained only five lengthy tracks, comprised largely of post-psych progressive rock, spiced with occasional jazz accents and widespread twin-guitar harmonies. Neither LP succeeded at introducing the band to the significant.├ó€ audience, though, and McGillivray had quit by year's end, being replaced by German drummer Achim Wielert, just as Epitaph were beginning to experiment with a more compact and direct hard rock style. This was previewed by the two singles they released in 1973, but Polydor still decided it was time to cut their ties to the problem.surprisingly group, who headed off to America almost immediately, drawn by the promises of a start-up indie label called Billingsgate.

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