Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Nexus - Metanoia (2001)

iconThe album "Metanoia" (2001) from the Argentine progrok formation NEXUS is one of the best progrock releases of the last five years! It's more mature and balanced than the debut CD "Detras del umbral". The sound on "Metanoia" is impressive with very lush and bombastic keyboards (with echoes from ELP and the Japanese progrock) and due to the more dominant guitarplay the sound of NEXUS often evokes IQ (the albums "Ever" and "Dark matter") but also early HACKETT solo and of course mid-GENESIS. The 24-carat symphonic rock compositions are compelling with lots of captivating changes of climate and splendid solos on keyboard (organ and synthesizers) and guitar. The powerful female Spanish vocals fit perfect to all atmospheres, what a great voice. In my opinion this album offers all the elements that makes symphonic rock so worth listening! Meanwhile vocalist Maria Gonzalez has left the band and early 2005 NEXUS will release their next album. Keyboardplayer Lalo Huber told me that it will contain a lot of Hammond, Mellotron and 'vintage synthesizers' and guest male singers. In my opinion that CD will go for the full five star award! Review from progarchives.com

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Eterna Recurrencia Uno (1:21)
2. Grito Primal (Metanoia Nivel 0) (1:41)
3. Metambo (5:43)
4. Planeta Herido (3:02)
5. Despertar Dentro De Un Sueño (Metanoia Nivel 1) (9:23)
II. Dentro De Un Sueño
III. El Demonio Interior
6. Hacia La Luz (5:04)
7. Metanoia (Metanoia Nivel 2) (7:47)
8. La Tentación Del Mundo (7:27)
9. En Las Manos De Dios (15:45)
I. Desesperación
II. Resignación
III. La Plegaria
IV. La Transmutación
V. Las Manos De Dios
10. El Mensaje (0:31)
11. El Nexo Universal (5:13)
12. Tan Cerca Del Fuego (Metanoia Nivel 3) (7:17)
I. La Vorágine
II. Ver El Infinito
III. La Revelacion
13. Eterna Recurrencia Cero (3:07)

Total Time: 72:28 

Line-up / Musicians

- Mariela Gonzalez / vocals
- Lalo Huber / keyboards and backing vocals
- Carlos Lucena / guitars and backing vocals

- Luis Nakamura / drums and percussion
- Daniel Ianniruberto / bass, keyboards and backing vocals


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