Monday, 27 May 2013

Nexus - Buenos Aries Free Experience (2007)

Wow! Nexus really rocks in this album!!! Buenos Aires Free Experience 2 is a special edition by the label Record Runner (an excelent idea!!!). And Nexus sounds really free here. The music is a journey trough hard rock, symphonic, prog, experimental, jazz, blues, avant garde, rock, rock, and more rock, and the result is fantastic! Nexus is a band (the only one???) that mantain a high level in their music, popularity and critics, by almost 10 years. This album is a great surprise. The musicians plays without limits, remembering your roots and flying to new horizons. The best american symphonic prog group, now is a great rock band too! Believe me. According to the listened trough these years..I can't wait for the next Nexus studio album... and the next, and the next... Five stars minimum. Get the album. Highly recommended. Review from

Another fantastic album by Nexus which is much more free and looser structured than there other releases,which makes for a more spontanious music brim full of prog rock jamming which really shines here.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Plaga (17:51)
2. El Reves Del Espejo (5:34)
3. Servicio De Lounge (14:39)
4. No Pizza (14:25)
5. Dame Un "La" (0:55)
6. Danza Mental (18:12)

Total Time: 71:46

Line-up / Musicians

- Lalo Huber / keyboards
- Carlos Lucena / guitars
- Daniel Ianniruberto / bass
- Luis Nakamura / drums & percussion

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