Friday, 29 July 2011

Robert Schroeder - Mosaique (1981)

In 1981 Robert Schroeder the third LP MOSAIQUE was published. Like every present production was also marked Mosaique by Schroeder's independent style and sound and richly in change.

MOSAIQUE retreated from the frame of the character usual at that time of Electronic Music clearly. Here Schroeder combined the style patterns of the "old electronics school" with the timbres of "real" instruments. To produce a successful experiment, electronic music under use of conventional music instruments (bass, drums, E guitar, synthesizer). (Application of the first PPG digitally synthesizer). Review from the electronic music of Robert Schroeder

Dfferent again is Mosaique (not yet issued on CD) which positively rocks in places. A core group of bass/drums/electric guitar backs Schroeder's inventive keyboard bleeps, washes and cosmic chords. This is proper electro-rock fusion, its brilliant innovations devoid of bombast. The focus is very much on tight arrangements and the art of composing, with no empty displays of virtuosity ala Rick Wakeman or Emerson Lake & Palmer. The closing track "Computervoice" sits apart from the others, a deeply beautiful and melancholic piece of layered ambient trance. Review from - Robert Schroeder

Robert Schroeder Utopia

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