Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Ash Ra Tempel - Gin Rose At The Royal Festival Hall(2000)

This album differed aestethically from the earlier works of ASH RA TEMPEL, but I found this still a very pleasant recording. The music on "Gin Rosé" is more synthetic sounding, as the recordings of their classic 70's period have raw analog and rock oriented sound, but the idea of improvisational music is still the same.

The concert is presented here unedited as it was performed, and that's the way I think it should be. There are some little duller parts in the music, as Manuel and Klaus are searching the musical seeds to be grown, but the final results are wonderful, and small faults are usually the price of an improvisation. The drum parts are done with programmed percussion loops or such, but they didn't bother me as they were quite smooth. And as they don't have a separate drummer, this is an understandable solution. There are also some great ethereal passages in their music which remind me of TANGERINE DREAM, so if you are into that band, you should check out this CD. I would also recommend this sincerely to the all fans of improvised music! ASH RA TEMPEL Gin Rosé at the Royal Festival Hall music reviews and MP3
Great album, reminiscent of their earlier works but with a heavier use of synths. They manage to avoid sounding artificial and also manage to retain their great use of ambient and atmosphere.
Since this record is mostly imrovised and lasts more than 60 minutes, sometimes it can get repetitive and too long, but dont let that detract you from buying it as it still has many great moments ASH RA TEMPEL Gin Rosé at the Royal Festival Hall music review by lordoflight

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Gin Rosé (69:26)

Line-up / Musicians - Manuel Göttsching / guitars
- Klaus Schulze / synthesizers, percussion

Ash Ra Tempel - Eine Pikante Variante

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