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Ashra - Tropical Heat (1991)

What a lost of time. This album shows a radical direction taken by the band (even if we can hear a few controversial stuffs on "walkin´ the desert"). The musicians exchange their old materials for new technological and digital equipements. Consequently the sound is cold, heartless and sometimes we just wonder where are the musicians and all these warm electric organs and vintage analog synth... After "New Age of Earth" it´s clear that the musical level of the band dicreased. In this effort, the melodies and harmonies are so easy and self indulgent . Only the title track deserves a certain attention with a catchy, funky and groovy guitaristic section by Gottsching. The rest is as dull as what Tangerine Dream have produced during the same period. However, contrary to their colleagues of TD, Gottsching and his team tried with a certain success to renew with their golden spacey synth era during the emd of the last decay. I give more than one point because this band deserves a certain respect. ASHRA Tropical Heat music reviews and MP3  Review from

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Mosquito Dance (8:44)
2. Tropical Heat (4:51)
3. Pretty Papaya (6:07)
4. Nights in Sweat (8:33)
5. Don't stop the Fan (5:26)
6. Monsoon (5:14)

Total Time: 38:55
Line-up / Musicians
- Manuel Göttsching / guitar, keyboards
- Lutz Ulbrich / guitar, keyboards
- Harald Grosskopf / electronic drums

Ashra - Don't stop the fan

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