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Par Lindh Project - Mundus Incompertus(1997)

"Mundus Incompertus", the last PLP studio album recorded until "Veni Vidi Vici"; was released in 1997. In my opinion, this wonderful CD is the most important and interesting work achieved by PLP; it is constituted of three pieces. In the first track untitled "Baroque Impression No. 1", we can appreciate a BACH & VIVALDI intro exquisitely executed, from which the music evolves to a discharge of sounds and colors in the most intense interpretation Swedish symphonic rock has got to offer. In the second piece, "The Crimson Shield"; we can listen to the operatic voice of Magdalena HAGBERG accompanied by Pär's harpsichord. The third piece, "Mundus Incompertus"; is divided in 13 parts creating an opus composed of recurrent themes and instrumental passages. this is truly the jewel of the band. "Mundus Incompertus" is a fresh and original composition. this is what EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER should be doing if they still had a bit of creativity.

As a musician, Pär LINDH counts with a long successful career as church organist, classic pianist, solo harpsichordist, drummer, Hammond organist, jazz musician, etc. In 1977 and 1978 Pär lined up for two rock bands, but by 1979 he got disappointed about the direction pop music was heading to and decided to quit on rock music to play classic music instead. There's where he has developed himself as a recital pianist and harpsichordist until 1991, when he rediscovered a LP from ELP. Thanks to the classical formation Pär achieved during all these years is that we can enjoy the magnificent and excellent musical gems PLP offer us. "Mundus Incompertus" is an exceptional proof of that. PÄR LINDH PROJECT Mundus Incompertus music reviews and MP3

Songs / Tracks Listing
 1. Baroque Impression No. 1 (9:10)
2. The Crimson Shield (6:38)
3. Mundus Incompertus (26:43)

Total Time: 42:34

Line-up / Musicians - Par Lindh / organ, piano, harpsichord, Hammond organ, Mellotron, synths, percussion, 12-string guitar
- Magdalena Hagberg / vocals
- Nisse Bielfeld / drums, percussion
- Marcus Jderholm / bass
- Jocke Ramsell / guitars

Pär Lindh Project - Mundus Incompertus (1 of 3)

Pär Lindh Project - Mundus Incompertus (2 of 3)

Pär Lindh Project - Mundus Incompertus (3 of 3)

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