Sunday, 28 November 2010

Peter Frohmader - Eismeer (2003)

Unfortunately this latest album 
from Frohmader is a far cry from his more atmospheric  earlier works. The lengthy title track Eismeer is meandering cyclical piano and a multitude of sampled sounds with a spoken poem in parts, which all somehow just doesn't seem to work, and just doesnt seem to go anywhere. There are a few brief flashes though here and there which impress, so all is not lost..........but nearly!

To sum up not very recommended to fans of Frohmaders earlier works. Eismeer is to be honest not very memorable and just seems to lack the inventive spark and cohesiveness usually associated with this artist and is far too oversampled for my taste and I miss that bass!!!

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Eismeer
2. Funèbre
3 Orchestral Crossover
Line-up / Musicians
- Peter Frohmader / all instruments

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