Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Eloy - Ocean (1977)

Often touted as Eloys best album. I fail to think so myself. Excellent moments musically yes,  but for me there are far too many vocals / lyrics which detracts somewhat.

Still a great album though if not one one of my favourites and probably a good starting point for anyone not familiar with this band.

Songs / Tracks ListingLine-up / Musicians
- Frank Bornemann / guitars, vocals 
- Klaus-Peter Matziol / basses, vocals 
- Jürgen Rosenthal / drums, percussion, flute 
- Detlev Schmidtchen / keyboards, mellotron, xylophone, voice 
- The Boys Of Santiago / chorus (1)

Eloy-Incarnation Of Logos (Ocean)

Eloy - Voyager of the Future Race

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