Friday, 20 September 2013

Siilk - Way To Lhassa (2013)

Fans of the classic french band PULSAR should in the main enjoy this album, as there are  many of the original members and the music retains much of their earlier style, albeit in a more modern setting with strong PINK FLOYD elements in particular. 

I can see though that for many this is just going to be too diverse and i don't think the choirs on some of the tracks worked well...... one track though ( Midlife Crisis ) sounds like a cross between Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits and Jade Warrior? Excellent! More like this please!

An enjoyable album in all but certainly as a whole does not have the flow or consistency of many of Pulsars earlier works. A nice blend though of  music and poetry with lots of world elements too which works particularly well on the track 'Way To Lhassa'

 1. Childhood's Memories 5:51
2. Between 6:43
3. Cathy's Wood 4:56
4. In the Grey Chapel 1:17
5. Leaving North 5:25
6. Midlife Crisis 4:33
7. Khajuraho Dreams 3:41
8. Way to Lhassa 6:37
9. Witness 4:13
10. Wladyslaw's Marching Band 4:03


Richard Pick – lead vocal, acoustic guitar, tampoura
Gilbert Gandil (Pulsar) – electric and acoustic guitars, dobro, additional keyboards, lap steel
Jacques Roman (Pulsar) – pianos, synthesizers and mellotron
Guillaume Antonicelli – bass guitar
Attilio Terlizzi – drums, gongs
Jean-Nicolas Susse – additional keyboards, backing vocals, horn, Indian harmonium
Catherine Pick - vocals
Paul Grant – Indian santur
Gabrielle Vargiu - tranverse flute
Hagop Boyadjian – Armenian duduk
Adrien Bernard – choir direction on track 4, guitar, keyboards, violin, vocals and lyrics on track 10
Axelle Ciofolo de Peretti – bass clarinet
Bertrand Plé - brass quartet direction on track 10
Pierre Bassery - trombone
Nicolas Salmon - tuba
Christophe Coronas – trumpet
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