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Oresund Space Collective - Dead Man In Space ( 2010 )

Actually, these are nine live men on earth jamming, improvising and creating a trip to several places. What I love from Oresund Space Collective's music is how it introduces us into other worlds, one new song is one new world, and each and every of them has its own passages, its own lands in which we will imagine, discover, trip. I believe when music can produce these things on the listeners, then it simply succeeds, and that has happened with me.

This collective released in 2010 an album entitled "Dead Man in Space" which consists of four songs that make a total time of 63 minutes. As usual, they bomb us with some long jams that let us expand our minds and experience spacey trips. The best example is the first track which is a long 32-minute length song full of synthesizers, guitars and spacey nuances and atmospheres. Here, though we will find several minor changes, we will not find moments where the music dramatically falls or becomes anything new, no, here they create a very cool long jam that perfectly flows and does not bores at all.

In spite its long duration, one can easily listen to it without feeling the need of skipping it after some minutes, because it little by little traps you until you become part of it and cannot escape until the very end. There are always drums accompanying the prominent synthesizers, while the bass creates a sometimes soft, sometimes faster mood that is perfectly complemented by the almost non-stop guitar work. There are of course moments more interesting than others, but in general, this ambitious 32-minute song left me satisfied. In fact, I would honestly had enough with this long theme and another shorter one.

"Who tripped on the C(h)ord" is a ten-minute song with a more relaxed mood, perfect for the night or a tired day. The music once again flows without a problem, creating nice atmospheres, soft passages in which the listener can be doing any work needed, I mean, you can lie on your bed and rest, you can be working, doing homework, reading, etc. and the music will not harm you at all, on the other hand, it is your friend and works as a partner, it may be a positive distracter.

A new element is added in "Space Jam 2.2." where since the first seconds we can listen to a delicious rhythmic saxophone. Seemed that it would only appear in the introductory moments of the song, however it actually has a main role here, accompanying the "basic" instruments during the whole jam. Here we can also listen to an addictive and more participative bass, while as usual, the drums, synths and guitars create landscapes, spacey effects and a diversity of textures. A thing that makes this song different, is that here we can clearly appreciate different passages, some faster and more emotional than others, where the progression is evident, putting dynamism to the track, offering a quite interesting creation.

The last song truly contrasts with the previous, because it is only a three-minute improvisation that works as a closer, nothing more. Well, as you noticed I am like this album, which stands in the top (maybe second) of my OSC preferences. My final grade will be four stars.

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1. High Pilots (21:54)
2. Space Jazz Jam 2.2 (17:35)
3. Dead Man in Space (4:00)

Total Time: 42:29

CD release:
1. High Pilots (32::30)
2. Space Jazz Jam 2.2 (17:35)
3. Who Tripped On The C(h)ord? (10:35)
4. Dead Man In Space (3:02)

Total Time: 63:42

Line-up / Musicians

- Stefan / guitar
- Kaufmann / drums, percussion
- Dr. Space / synthesizer
- Thomas / bass (1)
- Jocke / guitar (1)
- Magnus / guitar, synthesizer (1)
- Pär / bass (2,3)
- Mogens / Hammond, synthesizer (2,3)
- Anders / saxophone, effects

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