Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Robert Schroeder - Computer Voice ( 1984 )

In 1984 another two other Schroeder's releases from the baptism were lifted. On the one hand, the publication of the production PARADISE as compact disc (LP release 1983) which was with it the first Schroeder's CD, and on the other hand the publication of his 6th solo production COMPUTER VOICE, as a LP and as a CD.

COMPUTER VOICE is a kind of chronicle of Schroeder's present music creating, a fusion of his best titles published till then (new admissions) with new compositions and new sound. Also COMPUTER VOICE is a degree wandering between experimental, spherical electronics and rhythmical pop music.

The music magazine SPOTLIGHT (issue 10 / 84) called Schroeder once appropriately as a musical chameleon.

Guest's musicians by the COMPUTER VOICE admissions were the guitarist CHARLY BUECHEL and the bassist MICKI MEUSER (Ideal, Ina Deter). Review from The Musc of  Robert Schroeder


Robert Schröder- Computer voice

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