Friday, 26 August 2011

Ashra - New Age Of Earth (1977)

Between the years of 1974-79, Manuel Göttsching could do very little wrong in my eyes - whether it's creating a Berlin school masterpiece out of just a tape recorder and a Gibson SG, or forging out some of the most beautiful music ever to come out of the German electronic scene. That's where this album fits in.

Basically, if you like Virgin-era Tangerine Dream, you'll love this album. Maybe not at first, but you will eventually.

"Sunrain" and "Deep Distance" are the sort of pieces you'd expect to hear: sequenced, almost ambient and somewhat catchy (but in a good way). "Ocean of Tenderness" and the essential "Nightdust" are more laid back, ambient and relaxing.

"Nightdust", taking up the whole second half, is a must-hear. During the first 15 minutes, you're suitably chilled out and then MG comes in with an absolute pearl of a guitar solo. MG has always been great at balancing synth and guitar very efficiently, and this last section is a prime example. If you've heard "Exposure" by Robert Fripp, it's effect is similar to Fripp's effect on Peter Gabriel's "Here Comes the Flood" - somewhat eery, but remarkably effective.

Nothing short of excellence. ASHRA New Age Of Earth music review by coldsun

Songs / Tracks Listing 1. Sunrain (7:26)
2. Ocean of Tenderness (12:36)
3. Deep Distance (5:46)
4. Nightdust (21:52)

Total Time: 47:40
Line-up / Musicians
- Manuel Göttsching / keyboards, synthesizer, guitar

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