Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Brainticket - Alchemic Universe (2000)

A bit of a disappointment this one. Everything sounds too clean and programmed. Quite similar in some ways to Tangerine Dream's 'Underwater Sunlight' from '86. Still, at least there's the sexy vocals of Carol Muriel to cheer me up. Aahh... Carol with her straight hair...

There's no comparison in any shape or form to previous Brainticket albums. This is an almost entirely electronic affair and it's just too damn clean cut for its own good. The adventurous experimentation has long gone leaving a rather straight forward run of the mill album. It's nice enough and could be suited to late night listening. Nothing audibly offensive or out of the blue.

Just scrapes 3 stars by the skin of its teeth simply because I love electronics. BRAINTICKET Alchemic Universe music review by Dobermensch

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Life's mirror (8:10)
2. Transformation of a stream (10:14)
3. Within Venus (5:40)
4. Alchemic universe (10:31)
5. Relics'n roll (12:28)
6. The subspace between (3:36)
7. A dream's reflection (7:11)
8. Time (2:09)

Total Time: 59:59
Line-up / Musicians
- Lance Bunda / words
- Carol Muriel / vocals
- Joel Vandroogenbroek / keyboards, synthesizers, guitar, flute, vocals

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