Thursday, 23 October 2014

Oresund Space Collective - Organic Earthly Flotation

This is way more relaxed than many albums beforehand, the groovy, partially jazzy vibe is nearly gone here, except on the closing Neptune Rising maybe. And indeed, the line up saw a major change, as there is the complete PAPIR crew involved this time, additionally Americano Daniel Lars, who had his first trip ever to Denmark for playing with the ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE. Only synthesizer wizzards Mogens and Scott (Dr. Space) are staying, acting restrained though, 'Organic Earthly Flotation' is yet another album which works more guitar laden.

Walking On Clouds manifests in two sections, originally developed by Daniel, that means you can't really say that the music is completely improvised. Backed by a solid rhythm branch this is smooth, cheerful, featuring nice inspired guitar interplay, partially enriched with spacey patterns as well as chirping synths. Not quite a spectacular album - as I'm familiar with the complete studio discography - but surely something to dig. 'Organic Earthly Flotation' again proves their ambitious approach to update the sound with every entirely new production. Review from
Songs / Tracks  
1. Walking on Clouds (19:23)
2. Walking on Clouds (Pt.2) (6:17)
3. Carlos on the Moon (16:57)
4. Neptune Rising (5:08)

Total Time 47:45

Line-up / Musicians 
Mogens - Synthesizers
DR. Space - Synthesizers
Kristoffer (Papir) - Drums
Nicklas (Papir) - Guitar
Pär (Sgt. Sunshine, Carpet Knights, Hoofoot) - Bass
Daniel Lars - Guitar
Christian (Papir) - Bass on Neptune Rising

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