Saturday, 13 April 2013

Øresund Space Collective - Phaze Your Fears (2012)

One is defintely reminded here of some of the improvised jams that the band 'Man' or 'Porcupine Tree'  used to do with lots of guitars, except OSP are much more psychedelic and out there, which they certainly are on these two lengthy excursions , which also feature lots of swirling synths. Track 1 is the most psychedeic rock driven and powerfull piece, whereas track 2 is much more spaced out with lots of effects and a few vocal treatments.

If your a fan of space rock, say amon duul 11 , Grobbschnitt etc and the aforementioned band then i guess , l ike me, you will love this. Excellent stuff indeed. 

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Phaze Your Fears (20:24)
2. Ear Meat (24:28)

Total Time: 44:52

Line-up / Musicians

- Stefan / guitar
- Kaufmann / drums
- Nick / guitar
- Jiri / bass
- Claus / guitar
- Mogens / synths
- Dr. Space / synths
- Johan / guitar
- Mathias / pedal steel, guitar

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