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Richard Pinhas - Rhizosphere ( 1977 )

Richard Pinhas actually recorded two albums while Heldon was still alive. But although closely related to the music developped in Heldon , the music available on those first two solo albums , it is clearly of a lesser interest than the group's. It is also much less aggressive as the guitars are very subdued, and the electronics layers of synths are a little too present, making his solo albums more experimental but also has an unfinished feel to it, compared to the group .

Among the tracks on the first side are some short themes but minimalisticly repeated and we are not far away from Eno or JM Jarre. Side 2 and its sidelong track is rather calm and constant but also unremarkable.

if the average proghead is really interested to further his Heldon-type of music searh , I would advise them to look at Ice Land or East-West, once Heldon had folded and Pinhas could tuirn all of his energies towards his solo work! Only the respect I have for the man will make give him the third star on this scale. RICHARD PINHAS Rhizosphère music reviews and MP3 ( Review from )

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Rhizosphere Sequent (4:50)
2. A Piece For Duncan (5:41)
3. Claire P. (4:47)
4. Trapeze/Interference (6:48)
5. Rhizosphere (17:51)

Total Time: 39:57
Line-up / Musicians - Richard Pinhas / synthesizer, guitar
- Francois Auger / drums (5)
Get Rhizosphere Sequent

Richard Pinhas "Rhizosphere Sequent" & "Toward Belfast"

Richard Pinhas Trapeze Interference

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