Sunday, 22 May 2011

Djam Karat - Collaborator (1994)

"Collaborator" is just like the title implies a musical collaboration between DJAM KARET and some friends and guest musicians. The guest musicians sent Djam Karet some incomplete musical fragments on DAT, and DJAM KARET put them together and more sounds and textures to the material. The musicians who sent Djam Karet their music was Marc Anderson, Jeff Greinke, Walter Holland, Loren Nerell, Steve Roach, Kit Watkins (HAPPY THE MAN, CAMEL) and Carl Weingarten. The final result is atmospheric, ambient electronic music, which has the typical DJAM KARET sound. The album became "#10 Album Of 1994" in Deep Listenings magazine. This isn't a real DJAM KARET album but everyone who's familiar with the more ambient DJAM KARET will surely like this CD as well. Review from

Great band great album from this sadly under appreciated group.
Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Solar Flare (3:16)
2. Gondwanaland (4:26)
3. The Anointing Of The Sick (6:53)
4. The Day After (12:31)
5. Foreign Lesion (4:10)
6. The 17th Karmapa (2:57)
7. Moorings (6:47)
8. Cliff Spirits (3:57)
9. Submersion (5:49)
10. Food Chain (8:14)
11. Salt Road (6:01)
12. The Fearful Voice (6:38)

Total Time: 72:33

Line-up / Musicians -

- Gayle Ellett / 7 string electric guitar etc
- Mike Henderson / 6 string electric guitar, keyboards etc
- Henry Osborne / 6-string electric bass, bottled bass, etc

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