Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Ash Ra Tempel - Friendship ( 2000 )

How many bands did join together after a very, very long break and performed?

Very, very little I have to say. I am of course biased with this AST album as I have been with some great KS oeuvres.

Because the man released not only musical jewels in my opinion. This was truly Art.

This work is of course a little behind the masterpieces of the seventies, but it is sill soooooo pleasant and moving. I have to admit though that the "dance" feel which can be smelled for a long part of the initial song ("Reunion" - total of over thirty minutes) is not always sounding great to my ears. Still, there are some great guitar part from Manuel of course, but as a whole I can't really be thrilled with this "Reunion" track. Quite good but nothing exceptional.

"Pikant" has little flavour to my taste. But of course, I am married to a Mexican person for almost twenty five years. So, I would have expected some more "spices" here. But the song is a long continuation of fine music after all (nice acoustic guitar play for sure). But I am really missing some gorgeous moments as we have met a long, very long time ago.

What comes next is pure grandeur, beauty and wonder. Some might say (accordingly) that the great Floyd is behind (SOYCD) but how could one resist to such an ethereal beauty, such a great song. The title track ("Friendship") is fantastic to my standards.

This is just a formidable moment of prog music. A fantastic combination of Kraut, Psyche, and Prog Electronic. At the end of day: a superb moment of music. HUGE (yes, in capital). The moving beauty of the guitar sounds being played are just PHENOMENAL. What else can I say about this sublime track? Nothing, I guess.

I just can recommend this wonderful piece of music to you. It will be a wonderful time of your musical life for sure. This track is of course worth of a five star award in my opinion. Almost half an hour of "friendly" and magnificent moments. What a fabulous closing pearl!

Close your eyes. Be ready. And listen. And enjoy.

A global four stars thanks to "Friendship" of course. ASH RA TEMPEL Friendship music reviews and MP3 ( Review from progarchives.com)

Songs / Tracks Listing 1. Reunion (30:40)
2. Pikant (21:40)
3. Friendship (26:30)

Total Time: 78:50

Line-up / Musicians - Manuel Göttsching / guitars
- Klaus Schulze / synthesizers, percussion

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Ash Ra Tempel - Pikant (Friendship)

Ash Ra Tempel - Reunion (part 1)

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