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Popol Vuh - Bruder Des Schattens - Sohne Des Lichts ( 1978 )

I am not sure if it's a masterpiece of "progressive rock", but certainly of progressive music, or of music in general. Simply the most beautiful and advanced as far as composition is concerned. There are some parts one could call it a pre-post-rock, but it's nothing new as Popol Vuh have developed various sub-genres over their career. But again, even if not the most "interesting", "Bruder des Schattens" is undoubtedly Popol Vuh's most beautiful and most melodious album. At the same time one of my favourite albums of the 70s. 

Wow, what can I say about Popol Vuh? I am rather recent convert and have never been a fan of anything described as 'contemplative.' But an intercontinental flight to Brazil changed my mind. I loaded about 2 hours of Popol Vuh onto my mp3 player prior. It was the least stressful 9-hour trip I've ever had.

It's understandable that reviewers often compare Popol Vuh's work to new age music. Their songs are usually very relaxing and draw from a variety of international sources. Although they influenced the new age sound their music has much more integrity and will take you places new age won't. It's too experimental to fit the template.

Brüder des Schattens ~ Söhne des Lichts is a good place to start if you are interested in exploring PV. It's one of their best. I've just begun to delve into the catalogue so I can't give you the blow by blow on how it stacks up against the rest of the lot.

If you like the dreamier side of Pink Floyd, Brian Eno, second phase King Crimson, Genesis or Grails you may like this one.Reviews from

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Brüder des Schattens ~ Söhne des Lichts (17:10)
2. Höre, der du wagst (5:30)
3. Das Schloss der Irrtums (5:20)
4. Die Umkehr (6:10)

Line-up / Musicians

- Florian Fricke /piano
- Daniel Fichelscher / acoustic & elelectric guitar
- Alois Gromer / sitar
- Bob Eliscu / oboe
- Ted de Jong / tamboura
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