Thursday, 6 June 2013

Øresund Space Collective - Give Your Brain a Rest From The Matrix (2012)

Really excellent long spaced out jams which take us the listener on quite a journey. The song "Give Your Brain a Rest..... is particularly effective with the indian styled electric sitar phrases and psychedelic rock jamming. Occasionally a tad too long here and there, but never boring, as this is ever evolving and i guess mostly improvised. Highly recommended as they say!

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Give Your Brain A Rest From The Matrix (24:29)
2. Mainstream Is The New Acid (14:00)
3. Step Into The Other World (8:56)
4. Cerebral Massage (27:27)

Total Time: 74:52

Line-up / Musicians

- PIB / drums
- Nick / bass
- Claus / guitar
- Mogens / synth
- Dr. Space / synth
- Johan / guitar
- Mathias / pedal steel, guitar 
- KG / sitar, guitar, synth

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