Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Entheogenic - Spontaneous Illumination

The second full-length album by psychedelic dub producers Entheogenic is a genre-defining album that offers a mixture of ambient and chillout atmospheres with intelligent electronic dub, ethnic influences, deep drums and basses, and electronic and acoustic instruments. Spontaneous Illumination was produced by Piers Oak-Rhind and Helmut Glavar at Entheogenic Soundlabs in the southwest of France. Most of the sound samples used on this album -- such as birds and water -- were recorded by the artists in the beautiful environment of their studio. This album is timeless, beautiful, and skillfully produced with groove-oriented synthesizer music heavily laced with global samples. The album was released on c.o.r.n. recordings and was the first psy-chill album to make it to number one in the German chillout charts. These charts are assembled from the votes of 150 downtempo DJs. Spontaneous Illumination stayed in the Top Ten for an additional 12 weeks. ~ Bhasker Gupta

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